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The agri-tourism resort countryside holiday centre il Torrino is also a Restaurant, with the possibility of half board so that you can enjoy the homemade food and typical Tuscan dishes, prepared with the farm's produce, or anyway that purchased from other local strictly organic farms.


The food includes a typical Tuscan starter, you can try the excellent cold cuts, typical of Tuscan cuisine, like Tuscan ham, salami, finocchiona salami with fennel seeds, bacon and others, the toast wedges with liver pâté, fettunta (sliced toasted Tuscan bread soaked in extravirgin olive oil), toast wedges with fresh seasonal tomatoes.


The first courses vary according to the season, so in winter there is game like wild boar, hare, deer, in spring we can taste the more summery dishes made with organic vegetables from our market garden.





- Italian style: breakfast served at the table featuring homemade cake, jam, chocolate, seasonal fruit, butter, bread, toast, fruit juices, milk, milk hot chocolate, and tea

Cost EUR 7 adult, EUR 5 kids from 3 to 12 years old

- European style: in addition to the above: cold-cuts, cheeses, and omelets

Cost EUR 9 adult, EUR 6 kids from 3 to 12 years old




Dinner choices based on a la carte menu


In the autumn period from September to October you can eat the famous White Truffle. In spring, we find the Black Truffle, less sought after than its brother the White Truffle but no less tasty for this.



The main dishes range from the stews made with local game, to the Florentine steak or the Beef tagliata, obviously the meats come from our farm or from the local hunters. To round off the meal, you must try the jam tarts made with organic jam from the farm and before leaving the table you can try the liqueurs, also made by us.




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Agriturismo Il Torrino

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Via S. Stefano, 118 - Loc. il torrino

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Tel./Fax +39 0571 698490

Cell. Mauro +39 339 1289256

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