The agri-tourism resort farmhouse Il Torrino is situated in the local district of Montaione, in the Val d’Elsa hills in the heart of Tuscany. We are the Bibbiani family and we have been involved in agri-tourism for more than 30 years, which is basically the early days of this kind of tourism in this area.


At the Agri-tourism resort farm holiday centre il Torrino you will be warmly greeted by Mauro, Tania and Giulia, ready to help you discover the delights of the Tuscan countryside and give you a taste of all the interesting work taking place on the farm throughout the year. Indeed, there is never a dull moment here, because you can enjoy the traditional experience of managing a farm with forest and agri-tourism resort.


We also make excellent Tuscan extravirgin olive oil and honey, which you can follow in every moment of their production cycle. We also produce chips and wood for ecological heating, and we also use it on the farm, as we are sensitive to sustainable eco-tourism.


We love animals, so our holiday home accepts and loves them too.



Il Torrino farm has 30 hectares of land and produces excellent quality extra virgin olive oil



For bookings and vacancies at the Agri-tourism resort holiday farm Il Torrino, you can contact us by email at the following address or fill in our request form.


We will reply as quickly as possible.

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Agriturismo Il Torrino   di Bibbiani Mauro

Via S. Stefano, 118 - Loc. il torrino 50050 Montaione (FIRENZE)

Tel./Fax +39 0571 698490 - Cell. Tania +39 347 9544268

Cell. Mauro +39 339 1289256 - E-mail:

This company benefited from the support of sub-measure 21.1 "Exceptional temporary help for agritourisms and educational farms particularly affected by the Covid-19 crisis" of the PSR Tuscany 2014-2020

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Agriturismo Il Torrino

di Bibbiani Mauro

Via S. Stefano, 118 - Loc. il torrino

50050 Montaione (FIRENZE)

Tel./Fax +39 0571 698490

Cell. Mauro +39 339 1289256

Cell. Tania +39 347 9544268