Our love of animals has driven the Agri-tourism resort farmhouse holiday resort Il Torrino to create the Farm, a welcoming and educational environment in which children can be introduced to the world of animals.


The educational tour of the Agri-tourism resort holiday farmhouse il Torrino concerns the world of agriculture and of animals, it also illustrates the  fantastic world of bees, how the bee is made up, where it lives and why it is so important for the ecosystem.


The objective is to help children and youngsters to rediscover direct contact with nature and the agricultural world surrounding them. The educational tour will lead you to discover the scent of the wood, of the land, the noises and the cries of the animals, the work of the modern farm...


On the farm we will illustrate the fantastic world of bees to understand their importance for the ecosystem; we will also discover:

- The world of the bees and honey production

- The animals of the farm: donkeys, ponies, goats, horses, calves

- Geppetto's hen farm. The egg, the chick, the hen and the cock

- The man the dog and the truffle

- The farm processing

- The market garden and its vegetables

- The extra virgin olive oil production


The visit to the farm is reserved only for guests of the farm. At the moment we do not organize daily visits.


We have agreements with stables equipped to bring adults and children closer to the world of horses.





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This company benefited from the support of sub-measure 21.1 "Exceptional temporary help for agritourisms and educational farms particularly affected by the Covid-19 crisis" of the PSR Tuscany 2014-2020

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Agriturismo Il Torrino

di Bibbiani Mauro

Via S. Stefano, 118 - Loc. il torrino

50050 Montaione (FIRENZE)

Tel./Fax +39 0571 698490

Cell. Mauro +39 339 1289256

Cell. Tania +39 347 9544268